Zingale Jewelers

Gerard Zingale

Founder, diamondtaire and president of Zingale & Co, Gerard Zingale has been in the fine jewelry industry for over 40 years. Starting out as a bench jeweler fabricating custom jewelry in platinum and gold, model making and designs and then moving on and becoming a gemologist.
After many years as a retailer, Gerard has taken his venue private, giving his clients the opportunity to conduct their business affairs discretely.

Gerard Zingale brings along with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. Holding a close association with major sight holders and diamond manufactures, Gerard offers depth and insight to current as well as future trends in the fine diamond and jewelry world.

Gerard is often called upon to assist on accessorizing high profile women for major black tie events, television productions, theater and concert debuts, and has been found to be very intuitive in assisting new brides making the best decisions for her especially grand day.